About Laker Limo

What is the Laker Limo?

Laker Limo is a non-profit organization that works in harmony with the Skaneateles, New York municipalities to provide a dependable method of transportation for our community’s senior citizens and citizens with disabilities.

What makes Laker Limo Work?

The project is made possible by a team of over 70 trained volunteers who rotate their daily duties to man either a 10-seat shuttle bus with two wheelchair stations, or a 6-seat minivan. With both a volunteer driver and escort on board during all trips, riders are made comfortable during transport and , if necessary, they are physically assisted during arrival and departure.


Who can ride Laker Limo?

Laker Limo provides weekday door-to-door transportation for senior citizens and those with handicapping conditions who live within the Skaneateles school district.

Where can Laker Limo riders go?

It is policy that medical appointments are priority destinations each day, but the Laker Limo is NOT limited to solely medical related transportation needs. A variety of needs, such as, shopping, socializing, banking, or any special need by an individual can generally be accommodated.

Riders are encouraged to schedule appointments and other transportation needs in areas that are the designated destination area for that particular day. Each day of the week has a specific destination area where transportation is provided.

Daily Destination Areas

Monday: Syracuse

Tuesday: Auburn

Wednesday: Skaneateles

Thursday: Syracuse AM & Auburn PM

Friday: Syracuse

How much does Laker Limo cost?

The service is free for the economically challenged, while others may make a small recommended donation. The Laker Limo is strictly not-for-profit and dependent solely on the community’s donations for support.

Recommended donation:

  • $2 Round trip Skaneateles
  • $3 Round trip to Auburn
  • $5 Round trip to greater Syracuse area

How do I schedule the Laker Limo?

Call 685-3030 to schedule an appointment. All appointments for transportation pickups must be made at least 2 days in advance. Scheduling is dependent on daily needs, and in some cases, riders may be picked up early, or may have a slight wait for the return trip in order to efficiently accommodate all needs that day.

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    • Hi Jeff, Dorothy Krause here. Just now was able to get into our website to update!! Will be working on a donor link. In the meantime, a check is wonderful….we are heading into a Capital Drive for a new facility!! Thanks for asking!!!


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